Tuesday, January 26, 2010


(Joe D'Amato, 1980)
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Everyone seems to have something to say about this little beastie! Apparently it was banned in some countries, Britain being the worst of the lot. Seems you either love it or hate it...I'm definitley the former! This was, in my humble opinion, the closest old Joe ever got to creating a real horror movie. He's never had the greatest budgets to work with, and it's painfully obvious in this outing that the actors were most likely paid with spaghetti dinners and crack. Tisa Farrow (who must have spent all her Zombie money by this point) makes a sympathetic lead (when she's not staring off into the 6th dimension!) but the real star of the show is George Eastman, the scenery and fetus-chewing cannibal. That man is TALL!
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This is your typical heart-warming story about a group of young people who are stranded on a recently vacated Greek isle. Well, not quite vacated... a mysterious woman watches them from windows and disappears... and a hulking, scabby-skinned madman is stalking them! Who is the flesh-eater? Who will survive? How will they get off the island? And how does Carol get her hair so FULL?
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The gore is exploitive and cheap, but is second to some of the most startling and memorable images in the Italian horror catalogue: a blind girl stabbing wildly in the dark; a suicide in a stairwell; a man eating a fetus just ripped from its dead mother...the list goes on! And I absolutely loved Marcello Giombini's kooky synth soundtrack, which pairs beautifully with the scenes (the haunting tune when they're on the boat and the manic use of the arpeggiator during the forest chase come to mind)
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Fans of mindless gore and frizzy hair coupled with surprisingly lush photography will find this a real treat. Anyone with ANY class will be appalled. SO recommended!Buy It
Trailer here.

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  1. Good call on the soundtrack!! I don't have a lot of class but I was certainly appalled. I loved it!

    Oh, and Carol... she uses Aerosol Aqua Net, I'm sure of it :P