Monday, May 9, 2011

In the late 80s, Lucio Fulci oversaw / produced a handful of films for the home video market. Though his name is properly credited on some of them, he has denied any involvement on a few, and was reportedly surprised to find his name attached to those productions. When the films fared poorly upon release, Fulci cannibalized the best gore scenes from this collection and a couple of his other films to create one of his most entertaining efforts, A Cat In The Brain aka Nightmare Concert. Though his involvement is dubious on some of these titles, here they are anyway:

*The Curse (David Keith, 1987) - Fulci was credited as assistant producer & sfx
*The Murder Secret (Mario Bianchi, 1988)
*The Red Monks (Gianni Martucci, 1988)
*Bloody Psycho aka The Snake House (Leandro Lucchetti, 1989)
*Bloody Moon (Enzo Milioni, 1989)
*Hansel e Gretel (Giovanni Simonelli, 1989)
*Massacre (Andrea Bianchi, 1989)

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