Friday, May 6, 2011

MURDER ROCK aka Dancing Death

(Lucio Fulci, 1984)
If there was any indication Fulci's career was on the downslide, this is it! The dance students at the Arts For Living center in New York are literally dying to get their shot at fame as one by one they are murdered by a hatpin-wielding psychopath.
Among the suspects, students aside, are recently-shafted dance instructor Margie (Geretta Geretta, of Demons fame), the overbearing directress Candice (Olga Karlatos), male model George (Ray Lovelock), and the usual seedy management and hangers-on. Did I mention that the murders are committed with a hatpin and chloroform? Seems a tad silly, but entertaining in its own right.
There's not a lot to the story, but it's an excellent excuse to show a lot of sweaty Flashdance-inspired grinding. Technically, there's not a lot wrong with Murder Rock. The camerawork and compositions are above-par, and there's some inventive lighting.
I was impressed that the actors actually did their own dancing. On the downside, the soundtrack by Keith Emerson is pretty hit and miss. It ranges from cringe-inducing 80's synthesizer cheese to all-out stomp-your-feet-style boogie! Alas, there's not a lot of blood, and the scenes with the hatpin aren't terribly convincing. I'd wait on this one until you've pored through Fulci's better efforts. Unless you like your cheese stinky. Buy it here.

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