Tuesday, June 1, 2010


(Mario Gariazzo, 1974)

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It's just what its alternate title implies.
Young Danila has just rescued a rather ancient wooden statue of a crucified man from a deconsecrated church. While Danila is restoring a painting one night, the statue comes to life (as Ivan Rassimov- shivers!) and rapes her. After that she gets horny and moans a lot as she pukes and spasms. Then she's exorcised by Luigi Pistilli and a bunch of nuns. That's about the gist of it!

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There isn't much of a point to the story. It just seems to be an excuse to show Danila (and other cast members- not casts' members, mind you!) in the buff as a cheap remedy for a pretty lousy movie. Still, there are a couple of creepy scenes, notably the first scenes with the statue, and the sequence explaining how the statue came to be (He was turned to wood!) Oh, now I've gone and spoiled it for you... No, I really haven't. Watch it for some cheap, degrading fun and have a drink every time Danila rubs herself! Don't say you weren't warned, though.

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