Thursday, October 14, 2010


(Ovidio G. Assonitis, 1979)
With a storyline that borrows from films such as The Birds, The Omen, and Carrie, The Visitor is terribly confusing! Ovidio's eye for bizarre imagery and clever editing are what set this title apart from its ilk.
Katy Collins is a young girl gifted with telekinetic powers, which she uses primarily out of greed or ego. Katy's mother is targeted by both a shady organization intent on having her produce another gifted child, and Katy herself when she learns of this design. An old man is sent from a distant world to Earth to convince Katy to follow the path of the righteous (by giving her a gun for her birthday, with which she shoots her mother???), but she proves more than resistant to the notion.
As mentioned, The Visitor makes little to no sense. Characters at one moment appear to be evil, then are later revealed to actually be good despite having done bad things. Characters' motives are never clearly explained, and the unfolding of events are far removed from reality. The acting is wonderfully overdone by the likes of Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford, and Shelley *yes, SHELLEY* Winters!
I reiterate, The Visitor is an oddly beautiful film, somewhat in the vein of Dario Argento's Inferno in that it makes no sense but is interesting to watch. The music is also strangely inappropriate in most scenes, which only adds to the general weirdness of the proceedings. I'd not recommend this for newer viewers as it's really more of a science fiction film with bits of horror thrown in. Experienced viewers will find many a nugget of corny goodness herein! Buy it here.

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