Friday, July 20, 2012

Farewell 'Til The Fall!

The insanity that defines my every summer is starting to set in, so I'm afraid I won't be posting until September. Not that there aren't enough past reviews to dig through. Happy Summer, all!


  1. PLEASE COME BACK!!! I just discovered this blog a couple months ago and have found it IMMENSELY entertaining and informative. I am huuuge Italian Horror buff and I thought I had just about reached the bottom barrel of obscurity until I saw some of the titles you have listed on here. I have since tracked down quite a few of them (some of which of god awful, but that's just the nature of this hobby), but I am running dry and crave more! Every heard of any of these....Alien Terminator, Distant Lights, Evil Sabbath, Cross of the Seven Jewels, Deep Blood and Frankenstein 2000 (D'amato), Dial: Help (Deodato), Witch Story? The only one I have tracked down so far is Cross of the Seven Jewels, which was terrible but kind of interesting. Anyways...yeah...COME BACK!